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Daily Drink Specials

Cheers to our daily drink features!


Raise your glasses to our drink specials!

Here at Parcheggio, we don’t mess around when it comes to drink specials. We’re now pouring up daily drink features from Wednesday to Saturday!

Looking for a hump day pick-me-up? Sip on a $7 Furnace Room Selby Wit or glass of Monvin wine! Come thirsty on Thursdays and sip on $8 sangrias, and celebrate the end of the week with a $9 spritz on Fridays.

Daily Drink Specials ///


furnace room ‘beardmore’ kölsch   7


Red or White Sangria   8


Cynar Spritz   9
Lemon Spritz   9
Aperol Spritz   9


Blissful Mule   11
Bacca Buzz   11

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