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Estrella Damm Culinary Journey

Enjoy our Pork Pappardelle and an Estrella Damm for $32.95!

By Parcheggio on May 1, 2022 • Archive
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We’re thrilled to be participating in the Estrella Damm Culinary Journey, a month-long event showcasing the culinary talents of chefs across Toronto, pairing their cuisine with the beer of Barcelona.

Estrella Damm has been a long-time supporter of great food and top restaurants, and this spring event encourages locals to support the restaurant industry and indulge in a gastronomic experience.

This year, our chefs have curated a hearty dish to complement this Spanish brew. For $32.95, enjoy a can of Estrella Damm and Pork Pappardelle with housemade sausage, rapini, marsala and pecorino. Join us from now until May 31 and delight your palate with this special pairing!


Pasta Graphic

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