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Parcheggio Pasta Club

If you’ve never met a pasta you didn’t love, this club is for you!

By Parcheggio on April 23, 2021 • Archive
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4 week pasta pass

Consider yourself warned: this is not your Nonna’s lasagna. Every Saturday, Chef Andrew will be dishing out a new handmade regional Italian Pasta. Our weekly Pasta Club chef kits come with everything you need to cook and serve the perfect Parcheggio pasta for 2 at home.

Orders must be placed by Thursday, July 15 to join the club as of July 17. New pastas added weekly!

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July 17


small pinched pasta stuffed with mascarpone & snow crab, served with sweet corn, butter, herbs

Please inform us of any allergies. We will do our utmost to accommodate, though we are unable to guarantee an allergen-free kitchen.

Pasta Graphic

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